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    Huddersfield Worsted

    The label ‘Made in Huddersfield, England’ has become a highly revered global brand, which appears on the selvedges of many fabrics worldwide. These high quality fabrics were the choice of Kings and Princes alike.

    Today – with all the results of technological achievement throughout the world influencing our lives, woollen and worsted cloth is still regarded as the ideal clothing by most people living in moderate and cool countries. The British, made in Huddersfield label is linked with the best in woollen and worsted cloth, and carries a cachet which is indisputable.

    Huddersfield Worsted Fabric

    The West Yorkshire town of Huddersfield is situated at the convergence of the rivers Colne and Holme. Inhabitants of these river valleys discovered that the water – which flows from the Millstone Grit Pennine hills – gave excellent results for the washing of raw wool.

    And so the Huddersfield wool textile industry was born. The industry was traditionally cottage based, with spinning and weaving often taking place in the same dwelling. Many of the workers operated from smallholdings, supplementing their income with the manufacturing of wool textiles. The finished cloth they produced was then sold through merchants who regularly attended the town’s Cloth Hall.

    Huddersfield has been at the heart of British Textile Manufacturing for over 700 years.
    A unique combination of environmental and geological factors make this area, on the edge of the Pennine hills, the perfect place to make wool textiles.

    But then came the industrial revolution of the 19th Century, bringing with it great change and unrest to these valleys as the wool textile industry became mill-based and mechanised. This led to troubled times as large-scale mill production took over and, due to the scale of industrialisation, virtually all the valleys’ inhabitants were left with little option but to take their skills into the mills. They undertook the processes of scouring, carding, spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing as many of the mills were totally vertical and carried out all processes. Manufacture of these fine fabrics demanded a high level of expertise and Huddersfield quickly became synonymous with fine woollen and later, fine worsted cloth manufacture.

    Our Selection


    These straps feature fabric woven in Huddersfield using cloth that features the legendary “Huddersfield Sett” construction and double milled finish to create a quintessentially British flannel collection for purists everywhere. This approach gives the fabric improved tailorability, performance and durability.

    The collection features an eye-popping assortment of elegant, contemporary designs in fresh, vibrant colors for the purists among you, the classic designs and colors are included as well, in some case with a slight tweak to the strength of decoration or ground shade.

    Classics II

    Combining innovation with tradition, Classic II comes in a selection of stylish new checks, stripes, birdseyes and plains, enhanced with rich, deep colour and a full-bodied finish. The perfect choice for everyday business wear or formal wear. However you choose to wear it, Classic II is the epitome of British elegance, with timeless appeal.

    Engineered with a superior, strong, worsted spun merino wool, this honest, hardwearing cloth is super comfortable to wear and features designs in rich, deep colors with an enhanced, full bodied finish. Create your own legend with Classic II.

    Cambridge VII

    Cambridge Super 110s wool is made in Italy by one of Biella’s most iconic mills. This bunch offers an impressive selection of patterns and solids in elegant and traditional styling.

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